About Us

FORMULATED and HAND BLENDED in Denver, Colorado since 2013
R.L. Linden & Co was founded by two women, both formulators and herbalists. A deep respect for the plants, fascination with historical beauty rituals and belief that all people should feel gorgeous in their own skin is infused into every product.


We source ingredients from companies, cooperatives and farmers whose integrity aligns with ours. Whenever possible we work directly with organic herb growers and foragers who ethically harvest wild plants. We never want farmers, harvesters, ourselves or you exposed to "dirty" unsafe ingredients. 


Our products are results-driven and formulated to work well for all skin, hair and body types, are not gender or race exclusive and many are multi-use. 


We only test on ourselves and our friends. None of our finished products or individual ingredients are tested on animals. All of our products are vegetarian and the majority are vegan friendly.


We are committed to never using any plants whose native populations are being depleted due to unethical over harvesting or are on The United Plant Savers “at risk” list. We only use sustainable ingredients from ethical sources. We have committed to using no palm derived ingredients in our products. Most palm oil based ingredients are harvested in a way that is detrimental to rainforests, plant diversity, indigenous peoples, orangutans and the environment in general.

R.L. Linden & Co products have been featured in: