Ironwood Signature Perfume Oil

$ 38.00

Ironwood is one of our favorite Denver stores. Walking into it is like walking back in time and finding yourself in the home of a quirky turn of the century naturalist. Walls and tables are filled with glass terrariums, antique paintings, pinned butterfly collections, succulents galore, vintage nature books, and bowls of all sizes filled to the brim with stones, fossils and palo santo sticks.

This little gem on South Broadway was the inspiration for our first perfume blend. The Ironwood perfume oil is a blend of sacred anointing oils, including Palo Santo, Frankincense and Copal in a base of jojoba oil. It is a warm unisex scent that can be worn alone or layered. This roll on oil has woody, balsam, vanilla and anise notes that develop uniquely on everyone and has been called hypnotic.